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Lead generation in contextually targeted environment
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eTimeGroup offers different advertising opportunities on CPA, CPM, and CPC basis.

We accept the following IAB Standard Ad Units:

468x60 Full Banner
728x90 Leaderboard
120x600 Skyscraper/Tower
160x600 Wide Skyscraper/Super Tower
300x250 Medium Rectangle
120x60 Button


  • Window size of min 250x250 and max 600x600.
  • 30K max, loops unlimited.
  • No Active X controls or download prompts.

Co-registrations (opt-in/out)

In addition, we accept rich media and other non-standard creatives from most of the popular vendors.
The turnaround time for standard units is 2 business days, for non-standard ones – 4 business days.
We have a proprietary ad serving and campaign management software that can accommodate tags from most of the popular ad serving providers.

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